In late 2018, a group of high school students gathered together with a deep desire to worship God together in the form of music. Outside of a normal Sunday morning at church they were looking for more opportunities to come together and sing praises. They brought together the few musicians amongst the group of friends and met in a basement in Charlotte, North Carolina to lead their peers in musical worship. 

They would meet almost monthly and with each worship night, more students would come. Friends would invite friends and they would laugh, shout and cry together all in the name of worship. As they continued to grow with each gathering, the worship became more and more spontaneous and the moments exceedingly more and more beautiful. There were ministry moments and this collective of students got to watch as some of their friends accepted Jesus for the first time, or come back to Him, or even go and be spontaneously baptized in the backyard pool. The fruit of their outpouring was evident with each gathering.

"Untitled Worship" became the name of the collective of musicians and singers. "Untitled" because there was no sense of striving to make a name for themselves. They saw themselves and each other as servants feeding the needs of their community. And as they felt the needs represented, they wrote songs for their community and continued to build on each opportunity that came their way.

Untitled Worship is a worship collective of worship leaders, musicians, and creatives with a heart to creatively nurture the church. Wherever there's a need, Untitled exists to fill in the blanks.

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